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domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

Música y canciones de Anatomía de Grey - 9ª Temporada (Music Songs Grey's Anatomy Season 9)

Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x01
9x01 Se va se va...se fue (Going, going...gone)
  1. My Oh My by Tristan Prettyman
  2. Where to Now by Cider Sky
  3. Into You by Ingrid Michaelson
  4. Portions for Foxes by Rilo Kiley
  5. Body of Work by The Mynabirds
  6. Feels Like the End by Mikky Ekko
  7. Into You by Ingrid Michaelson
  8. My Heart Goes Boom by Miss Li   
  9. Without You by One Two 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x02
    9x02 Recuerda el tiempo (Remember the time)
    1. All I Want by Kodaline 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x03
    9x03 Ama con quien estas (Love the one you're with)
    1. Heat Lightning by Icky Blossoms
    2. What Could You Do? by Dolorean
    3. What Makes a Good Man? by The Heavy
    4. It's All Okay by Julia Stone
    5. I Won't Back Down by Benjamin Francis Leftwich
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x04
    9x04 La vi de pie ahí (I saw her standing there)
    1. Moving On by Calahan
    2. Forever Drunk (Live) by Miss Li
    3. I'll Never Forget You by Birdy
    4. Home by Daughter
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x05
    9x05 Hermoso destino (Beautiful doom)
    1. Ghosts by On An On
    2. Passenger by Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes
    3. Australia by Conner Youngblood
    4. Flowers Turn to Fire by O+S
    5. Gold by Wake Owl 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x06
    9x06 Segunda opinión (Second opinion)
    1. Dazed and Confused by IKO
    2. And Still, The Darkness Comes by Aron Wright
    3. Museum of Flight by Damien Jurado
    4. You Could Have It (So Much Better Without Me) by Miss Li 
    5. Connected by Caught A Ghost
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x07
    9x07 Fuí hecho para amarte (I was made for lovin you)
    1. Signal in the Sky by Matt Hires
    2. 1957 by Milo Greene
    3. Let You Go by Katie Herzig 
    4. Mexico by The Soft Pack 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x08
    9x08 El amor te pone al revés (Love turns you upside down)
    1. Knock you out - Owen Westlake Remix by Tiesto Ft. Emily Hanes
    2. Santa Fe by Beirut
    3. Nothing That I Care About by Broadheds
    4. Something All Our Own by Broadheds 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x09
    9x09 Corre, Baby, Corre (Run, Baby, Run)
    1. Jingle Bells by Sugar & The Hi Lows
    2. Lost in My Bedroom by Sky Ferreira
    3. Fail for You by Luke Sital-Singh 
    4. Silver Bells (Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy) by Tal & Acacia
    5. Sweetest Sound by Gabe Simon
    6. fall for you by luke sital
    7. Signal in the Sky by Matt Hires 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x10
    9x10 Las cosas que dijimos hoy (Things We Said Today)
    1. Trojans by Atlas Genius
    2. Lightning Bolts by IKO
    3. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran
    4. Speed the Collapse by Metric
    5. My Funny Valentine by Angela McClusky with Tryptich
    6. Nothing to Hide by Diego Garcia 
    7. What I Needed by Erin McCarley 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x11
    9x11 El fin es el comienzo del fin (The End is the begginig is the end)
    1. Stompa by Serena Ryder
    2. Disaster by The Mynabirds
    3. What It's Worth (feat. Mark Peters) by Engineers
    4. Shine On Everything by Left Hand Smoke 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x12
    9x12 Caminando por un sueño (Walking on a Dream)
    1. Time to Run by Lord Huron
    2. Someone by Future of Forestry
    3. Forever by Matt Hires
    4. All I Want by Kodaline 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x13
    9x13 Mala sangre (Bad Blood)
    1. In Your Arms Again by Josh Ritter
    2. Shut Eye by Stealing Sheep
    3. Come By Fire by Sara Jackson-Holman 
    4. Crash by Sum 41
    5. Shine In The Sun by Wild Belle 
    6. Town on Fire by No 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x14
    9x14 Ante el cambio (The Face Of Change)
    1. Crash by Sum 41
    2. You Belong Here by Leagues
    3. Gun-Shy by Grizzly Bear
    4. Turn It Around by Lucius
    5. Spotlight by Leagues
    6. Song for Zula by Phosphorescent 
    7. Forever by Matt Hires 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x15
    9x15 Dura negociación (Hard Bargain)
    1. Synthetica by Metric
    2. Stay (feat. Mikky Ekko) by Rihanna
    3. Dead In the Water by Ellie Goulding 
    4. Inhaler by Foals 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x16
    9x16 Por eso luchamos (This Is Why We Fight)
    1. Mountains by Kris Orlowski & Andrew Joslyn 
    2. Bones by Ms Mr 
    3. What I Wouldn't Do by Serena Ryder 
    4. salty sweet by msmr. 
    5. Never Gonna Let You Go by Esthero 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x17
    9x17 Trasplante de páramo (Transplant Wasteland)
    1. Miracle Mile by Cold War Kids
    2. Go first by Rose Cousins
    3. Distant Shouts by Little Children
    4. Go First by Rose Cousins
    5. Sugar On Sunday by Left Hand Smoke 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x18
    9x18 Las manos ociosas (Idle Hands)
    1. Hollow Drum by Laura Welsh
    2. Hey Love by Quadron
    3. Shadow of a Man by Neulore
    4. Open Letter by The Helio Sequence 
    5. Big Light by Houses 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x19
    9x19 No puedo pelear con este sentimiento (Can't Fight This Feeling)
    1. Roll On Hills by Annie Williams
    2. Amsterdam by Daughter
    3. Teach Me by Keaton Henson
    4. The Storm by The Airborne Toxic Event
    5. Spark by Fitz & The Tantrums 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x20
    9x20 Ella me está matando (She's Killing Me)
    1. My Number by Foals 
    2. Clair de lune (feat. christine hoberg) by Flight Facilities
    3. Cold World by Jon E.K.
    4. Home by Phillip Phillips
    5. The Day You Went Away by The Rubens
    6. Amsterdam by Daughter
    7. Teach Me by Keaton Henson 
    8. Go first by Rose Cousins 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x21
    9x21 Monstruo dormido (Sleeping Monster)
    1. Broken by Jake Bugg
    2. Say Anything (feat. Jill Andrews) by Anderson East
    3. Avalanche by Zola Jesus
    4. Think by Aretha Franklin
    5. Sea Fog by Keane
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x22
    9x22 ¿Crees en la Magia? (Do You Believe in Magic?)
    1. New York by The Boxer Rebellion
    2. Uneven Odds by Sleeping at Last 
    3. Rust Or Gold by Jill andrews
    4. Elation by Isbells
    5. Beat of the Drum by Van She 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x23
    9x23 Preparación es todo (Readiness is All)
    1. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by Sleeping at Last 
    2. You Belong to Me by The Boxer Rebellion
    3. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers 
    4. Rust Or Gold by Jill andrews 
    Anatomía Grey Grey's anatomy 9x24
    9x24 Tormenta Perfecta (Perfect Storm)
    1. Without You by Ingrid Michaelson 
    2. Freight Train by Sara Jackson-Holman 
    3. All of Me by John Legend 
    by PI
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    1. hola, para cuando el 15 y 16.... estoy enganchado a la música de la serie!

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